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The Modular Architecture for Application-layer Multicast
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Welcome to the home of the

Modular Architecture for Application-layer Multicast!

What is the MAAM anyway?!


2008.11.05 - Yay, two new publications directly related to the MAAM have been registered on this website. The first happens to be the MAAM's main author's Phd Thesis, which features a documentation of the MAAM and its processes as well as an in depth analysis of different ad-hoc P2P multicast protocols. The second publication is entitled "Banishing Patch-Cables from LAN Parties - Using Ad-hoc P2P Multicast as a Substitute?". It investigates how the MAAM architecture and its special protocols providing support for real-time multi-player games can be used for avoiding the common and bothersome deployment of infrastructed networks on LAN parties. The talk presenting the publication will be held in march 2009 at the KivS 2009 conference in Kassel (Germany).

2008.02.25 - Afters months of bug fixing, code merging and development we eventually have released source code archives which include the MAAM, a couple of protocol implementations as well as different sample applications. We currently provide compile targets for Linux, MS Windows and Qt4. Considering simulation-based protocol evaluation we also provide a GloMoSim compile target within a separate package. Check out the download section for current versions.

2008.01.15 - Exploring whether to actually use the wireless medium's broadcast capability in application-layer multicast scenarios or not, we are happy to announce a new publication based on the MAAM's powerful feature of flexible protocol composition. The paper is titled "Application-Layer Multicast in MANETs: To Broadcast or not to Broadcast?" and will be presented at the Fifth Annual Conference on Wireless On demand Network Systems and Services (WONS 2008). Check out the publication site for more information and the PDF [5].

2007.05.02 - We, eventually, are getting closer to releasing the MAAM's source code: Most protocols and applications are fully operational! In fact we, the MAAM developers, will be participating at demo session of The 5th International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services, which will be held from the 11th to the 14th of June 2007 in Puerto Rico. We'll be showing a couple of applications using the MAAM as well as the latter's dynamic (modular) composition and configuration. Read more in our extended abstract, available for download under [4].

2006.12.11 - We are aware that we should have released the MAAM's sources a couple of months ago. Sorry for the delay, but we are currently experiencing how tricky the merging of different code branches can be. To show some progress anyway, we are proud to announce the publication of the third MAAM-related scientific contribution, entitled "TrAM: Cross-Layer Efficient Application-Layer Multicast in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks". The paper has been accepted at the IEEE Wireless Communications & Networks Conference (WCNC) and will be presented in Hong Kong in March 2007 [3].

2006.05.16 - The second scientific publication about the MAAM, entitled "On the Modular Composition of Scalable Application-Layer Multicast Services for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks" will be presented during The 2006 International Workshop on Wireless Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks, in New York (USA). The paper describes the MAAM's basic structure and features, details the interfaces between its modules and shows how the MAAM achieves increased scalability by means of its generic Local Broadcast Clustering technique [2].

2006.01.27 - The first scientific contribution related to the MAAM Framework has been accepted for presentation at The 7th International Conference on Mobile Data Management, which is held in Nara (Japan). This is a joint publication from the RWTH Aachen, the University of Jena and the MAAM developers. The contribution describes and demonstrates a complex and fully functional software architecture that relies on the MAAM's overlay-multicast algorithms for locating application-level services in MANETs [1].

2006.01.16 - Slight revisions made to this website. But still no downloads available...

2005.11.27 - Initial version of this website launched. Source codes and executable downloads are not available at this time, but will be made public early in 2006. If you wish to have a look at a preliminary version, please consider contacting the authors.

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