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The current releases related to the MAAM are limited to source code archives (we do not provide any binaries at this stage). Although the archives were created under linux, they also include support for MS Windows. Note that since most sample application we provide below rely on user interface based on Qt4 you may want to download this library as well. Manuals unfortunately are rather scarce, so feel free to contact us if problems arise.

The MAAM Core 0.1
 2008-08-28, 10:30h
This is the MAAM's core containing all module definitions, current protocol implementations as well as compile target definitions for Linux, MS Windows and Qt4. Since the core is required by all other packages provided here, you will definitely want to download this archive.
[Download] [189.75 KBytes]   [MD5: b03c32e3bd05b0193ca6b5ba80985722]
GloMoSim Target 0.1
 2008-08-28, 10:30h
This is a compile target for integrating the MAAM into the network simulation environment GloMoSim. If you are familiar with simulation based protocol evaluation, this might be interesting for you.
[Download] [397.57 KBytes]   [MD5: 70ebaa9e1110f8c6abb180edfc777e41]
The MAAM Frontend 0.1
 2008-08-28, 10:30h
This is a Qt4 based graphical interface using which you can configure and launch the MAAM deamon. We strongly recommend to use this package.
[Download] [48.34 KBytes]   [MD5: d531f936a70a507fc6668c81a4b7c641]
Push-to-Talk 0.1
 2008-08-28, 10:30h
This is a simple Voice-over-IP application based on Qt4 and the Speex CoDec which uses the MAAM for enabling users to have a wireless speech conference.
[Download] [2.08 MBytes]   [MD5: f6c1e8d773c80f054980bfcdbba4740f]
FAST 0.1
 2008-08-28, 10:30h
FAST is a Flexible Ad-hoc Slideshow Tool based on Qt4 which can be used for helding ad-hoc presentation.
[Download] [118.77 KBytes]   [MD5: 40a07b74723cc001dadc841c327bcef7]
ChaR 0.1
 2008-08-28, 10:30h
This is a Chat-Room software based on Qt4 allowing text based interaction between users. In addition, users (visualized by different avatars) are free to move around inside a 'virtual chat room'.
[Download] [1.51 MBytes]   [MD5: 1d06d5bdf30243611c933002a38311b5]
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